Hawaiian Day September 8, 2023. Dress in your brightly colored clothes for a special Hawaiian Day to raise money for Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina, Hawaii. Their Catholic school was severly damaged in the recent wildfires. Please give generously as a donation for this Hawaiian themed dress down day.

Hi everyone,


Let’s help our Catholic School colleagues in Maui! The city most affected by the recent wildfires in Maui is Lahaina.  While the Catholic Church was only minimally impacted by the fires, the Catholic school, Sacred Hearts School, was not so fortunate. 


We, the Catholic Schools of Peoria, will be sponsoring a Hawaiian Day on September 8th to raise funds for the school!  Please see the flyer for a litte more detail. We encourage everyone to dress in a Hawaiian style: brightly colored clothes, loud Hawaiian shirts, etc.


Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina is looking for donations to support the rebuilding of their school.  Here’s what they say:


"Our beloved Sacred Hearts School has recently faced a devastating fire that has left our campus in ruins. The flames may have taken our physical structure, but they cannot extinguish our spirit and determination to rebuild.

Sacred Hearts School has been a cornerstone of our community for over 100 years, nurturing generations of young minds and fostering a sense of unity and growth. The fire has left us in a state of shock and uncertainty, but we are resolved to emerge from this tragedy stronger than ever.

We humbly ask for your support in our efforts to rebuild Sacred Hearts School. The financial toll of this disaster is immense, as we need to reconstruct classrooms, recreational facilities. The funds raised will also help us replace essential educational materials and equipment that were lost in the fire.

Your contribution will not only aid in the physical reconstruction but also provide a beacon of hope to our students, teachers, and the entire community. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a significant impact on our journey towards restoring Sacred Hearts School to its former glory."


We hope our St. Edward Families will be able to help contribute to this important event! Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Mrs. Delaney :)