Hi everyone,


Today we will be sending home our Monday/Thursday Hot Lunch order forms, so I wanted to explain how this program works. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions!


Barrack's Cater Inn provides lunch for our school on Monday and Thursday each week. Order forms will typically be sent the last week of each month. They will have the lunch menu for the month ahead. We ask that all order forms be returned with payment by the Friday they're sent out. Meals are $3.80, with milk available for $0.50. We order the EXACT number of meals requested, so please be sure to turn these in on time!


IF ORDER FORMS AREN'T TURNED IN: Students are still able to eat the hot lunch meal if they haven't turned in a form. BUT the office needs to know they want a meal no later than 8:30am the day of the meal. We will submit the order to Barrack's each morning at 8:30am. Once the order is submitted, we are not able to change it.


Your student's account will not be charged until the day the meal is received. If your child ordered a meal (OR if they didn't order a meal but they took one), they will be charged for the meal, regardless if they take the meal or not. This is because we order the exact number of meals requested, and charge you the exact amount Barracks charges us for it. The only exception is if your student is absent (sick, appointment, etc.) and you let the office know ahead of time. If your student gets sick and has to leave unexpectedly in the middle of the day, we will not charge their account either.


Each month when the new order forms are sent out, I will also send out a statement on your meals account. If you owe money on your account, we ask that you pay that with your next month's order. If you have a credit on your account, i.e. you have extra money left over on your account, you can subtract that off of your next month's order.


I know this is all quite a bit of information to take in, so please don't hesitate to ask questions! 


Thank you,

Mrs. Delaney :)