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St. Edward School Tuition and Fees

The following is a review of the tuition and responsibilities of families at St. Edward Catholic School (Grades K-8):

St. Edward Standard Tuition is largely subsidised by St. Edward Church members. Every student enrolled at St. Edward is receiving a partial scholarship—close to half of the cost to educate that student is provided free to the family when they pay the full tuition rate. The parents and families of St. Edward students assume an additional portion of the cost of each student’s education through volunteering, fundraising, and regular church support.

*Monthly Pay Schedule (Free Financing) Is Offered By Automatic Bank Transfer(Ach) Only

Requires Onecash/Check Payment In August Plus 10 Ach Payments Sept. 2016-June 2017

Tuition Annual Due August 31 11 Equal Monthly Payments Monthly Ach Transfer Sept-June* Plus One Cash Or Check Payment In August 2016
One student grades 1-8 $3,692.00 $335.64
Two students Grades 1-8 4,392.00 399.27
Three students Grades 1-8 4,892.00 444.73
More than 3 Students Grades 1-8 $4,892.00 for first 3 students + $500.00 each additional Determined based on number of students
Kindergarten 1,035.00 94.09

New Family Rate

½ Price Tuition (Grades 1-8)

New families with students in grades 1-8 may receive ½ Price Tuition (50% off the total family tuition) their first year at St. Edward which is billed annually at the beginning of the school year. Half Price Tuition does not apply to the Kindergarten or Preschool tuition. Semi-annual and monthly billing options are not applicable.

Financial Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for students in grades 1-8. Families in need of tuition assistance must apply for scholarhip by completing a FACTS application (deadline prior to registration) and should apply for a John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship (as applicable, deadline is March 15). Objective assessment of total tuition cost and the family’s ability to pay is used to determine the amount of assistance. Registered parish families who regularly attend Mass and support the parish through stewardship of time, talent and treasure receive precedence. Requirements for receiving tuition assistance are:

  1. Submit FACTS Financial Aid Assessment. It must be verified by FACTS prior to tuition award consideration.
  2. Schedule a private, confidential meeting with the Pastor to discuss FACTS analysis and objective basis for tuition award available prior to registration.
  3. Submit a complete and approved (by Pastor) Tuition Compact on or before August 31, 2016. Failure to do so will result in full tuition charge and negate any tuition awards/financial assistance/discounts.


Registration Fee (per student): $200.00 each

Science Lab Fee (6th – 8th grades): 15.00 each

Vision and Hearing Screening (Grades 1, 3 & 8): 5.00 each

Vision and Hearing Screening (Grades K and 2): 10.00 each

Sacrament Fee (First Communion/Confirmation, Grades 2, 7 & 8): 30.00 each

Graduation Fee (Grade 8): 10.00 each