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Letter from the Principal

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August, 2016

Dear Friends of St. Edward Catholic School & Preschool,

On behalf of the entire staff at St. Edward Catholic School and Preschool, allow me to welcome you to the 2016 - 2017 school year. We also welcome all of our new families to St. Edward. Our summer vacation began quietly and our school year begins with a miracle.

Our new year brings new teachers to our family. We would like to welcome Ashley Kluge to our 1st grade, Mikayla Vail in 2nd grade and Kristal Toman in 5th grade. Lorelei Lawson will be teaching Physical Education, Music, Spanish and Resource. We also welcome a new preschool aide, Mrs. Merdian. Mrs. Merdian will be teaching 2nd Grade Religion as well. New to our office is Mrs. Deb Meinders, School Secretary. We are looking forward to continued success in enrollment, academics and activities.

In keeping with the St. Edward tradition, the staff is anticipating another year with outstanding academic accomplishments. Our students, parents, faculty, staff, and the St. Edward parishioners and community are dedicated to improvement in the classroom, grow spiritually and continue to profess our faith with class, character and respect. Students are expected to study with great diligence, participate in school activities, prepare for their futures as life-long learners, and respect the school as an institution. Our school is a community of joy. As educators we pledge to make learning an exciting endeavor for all involved.

St. Edward Catholic School & Preschool has an enrollment of 115 students and 10 certified teachers. Since opening its doors in 1960, our school has always enjoyed a rich tradition of academic, spiritual and athletic excellence as well as full participation in the Fine Arts.

This year we celebrate 56 years of academic excellence in Catholic education. Each year our students score in the top 10% in the nation on the Iowa Test to Basic Skills (ITBS). Our alumni have a long history of excelling in high school and beyond. Students graduating from St. Edward Catholic school consistently place in the top 10% of their respective high school class and approximately 90% of those students attend at least a 2 year college institution.

Our students consistently achieve these levels of excellence due to several key factors; Small class sizes, the personal attention each student receives from a superior teaching staff, a parent/parish community that values our children as a top priority and our Pastor that is committed to nurturing academically and spiritually sound individuals.

Our students enjoy many extracurricular activities with a variety of options. Our offerings include Choir, Declamation, Lego League, Band, Soccer, Cross Country, Golf, Basketball, Volleyball and Track.

As is defined in our philosophy statement, “our school is founded on the person of Jesus Christ and is enlivened by Gospel values. We believe in demonstrating a special concern for the uniqueness of each person by emphasizing education in searching for personal meaning. St. Edward Catholic School & Preschool highlights the relevance of our faith to life and contemporary culture. We believe in expressing a distinctly Catholic view on issues in society by offering a curriculum that is relevant to the individual student and which helps them to find the meaning in their own life relationships.”

St. Edward Catholic School & Preschool is an institution where people offer strength and support to each other. It is a school that offers personal and spiritual growth to everyone and thrives on an atmosphere of exceptional teaching and learning. We all look forward to working with students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff to make each year at St. Edward Catholic School & Preschool a memorable one. Please plan to visit us soon.

Yours in Christ,

Mike Domico, Principal

Mike Domico

Principal - St Edward Catholic School & Preschool