About Us

About Us
About Us

Our Students

St. Edward Catholic School has a population of approximately 120 students. Our parking lot is very busy during drop off and pickup times, with students coming from communities as far as the Lacon and Princeville areas.

Our school is fortunate to be able to provide transportation to all students living within the Illinois Valley Central School District.

We also provide before and aftercare services for families with working parents.

About Us

Our Learning Environment

As a community within a small town, St. Edward Catholic School is able to provide a more personal learning experience to our students. The student to teacher ratio on average is around 14 to 1.

Students are encouraged to work at their personal best each day. Diversity is celebrated in every classroom, and students who may be struggling are offered a variety of help from teachers, other students, and support staff. Our faculty guides students with firmness, yet kindness and love. Because our classes are so small in size, faculty and staff are able to create greater relationships with their students that last well past their graduation from our school.

About Us

Safety Preparedness

While we are a small school and know all of each other personally, we are focused on creating an environment of safety for our students, faculty, and parents.

Our school has a safety plan in place, which is practiced several times during the year, in preparation for any possible emergencies that may occur throughout the school year.

We have a close working relationship with the local fire and police departments in our community and continue to work to create better ways to keep our students and faculty safe.